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Did you know? How the founder of any company got idea about the name of company? What was their first thought? Did they thought one day their name will reach to each and every corner of world? Lets start with few famous companies.........

Wikipedia name was found very interestingly. The first developer was told by an airport employee at Hawaii to take as bus shuttle name "Wiki-Wiki". "Wiki" means quick in Hawaiian and "Wiki Wiki" means very quick. So first wiki was developed as "WikiWikiWeb". And then after certain iteration and business changes we have name "Wikipedia".

Amazon was first known as Cadabra.com as in “abra cadabra.” Then the owner started looking in dictionary and found a word "Amazon" : earth’s largest river.

The American universities name the photographs of individuals as face book. So the name "Facebook" aroused.

The name "Twitter" came from word "twitch" as phone keeps on vibration and it is too much twitching.

The name is made from two word "Instant camera" and "telegram".

The name came from the word "googol". It's a mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

The name derived from Online Exchange.

The name "Sony" is mix of two words. One is latin "Sonus" (root of sonic and sound) and other is "sonny", a common term used to call a young boy in America (1950s).

Xiaomi (Redmi and MI phones)
The word Xiaomi means "millet" a group of small seeds grasses.

The meaning of word "samsung" in Korean is "three stars".

The word "Nokia" is derived from a town in Finland name "Nokia" situated on the bank of  river " Nokianvirta".

"Blog" was firstly known as "weblog" (web log) as to indicate the logging of the web. Then it was renamed to only "Blog" in 1999.

In German language, the word "uber" means above, across or over.

"OLA" is short form of Online Cab Aggregator, as its cab service company.

The name came as Micro-Soft, a combination of two words "Microcomputer" and "Software".

Windows (Microsoft)
Microsoft launched first GUI operating system "Windows" named as rectangular window used to display content on screen.

Lumia (Microsoft)

In Finland, Lumia means "snow" and lumia was released in winter.

The famous mobile operating system was named by attaching "droid" (a person regarded as lifeless or mechanical) to the name of its founder "Andy" making it "Android".

Quora came from word "Quorum" (the min no. of members of a assembly - a body that uses parliamentary procedure necessary to conduct the business of particular group.


Linux name came from name of its inventor "Linus Torvalds" and as part of "Unix" operating system.

Lenovo is a combination from two words "Legend" and "Novo"(latin ablative for "new")

The word "Yahoo" is the short form of "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".

UC Browser
The UC stands for Universal Control in word "UC Browser".

VLC Media Player
VLC stands for VideoLAN client intended for video streaming between client and server but then its was made VLC media player.

The founder was inspired by fictional character "Ali baba" who was kind, smart business man, helping the villagers.

Chrome (Google)
Chrome was used as picked as codename from many options before its release. Chrome is something related to speed.

The first idea was "Pay Thru Mobile", which was written in paper as "PayTM".

"Flip" comes from flipping pages and "Kart" is related to shopping. So the name comes merging them is "FlipKart".

The name "Myntra" came from the word "Mantra" (a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation).

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