Mi or Oppo or Vivo

Current Indian mobile market is held by these Chinese Mobile Companies. In advertisements, no one can beat Oppo and Vivo. They are investing more in advertisement. One or other advertisement on Television will be of Oppo or Vivo. But MI has not invested at advertisement. Indian actor/actress involved in Oppo Ads where Hritik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and many more. And Vivo has Ranveer Singh. Even Indian Cricket Team jersey has the name Oppo. Currently visit any place in India, you will find a common thing that’s stores are coloured with Green and Blue. A huge competitor Vivo and Oppo will have their hoardings, board nearby each other. But one thing is common, both these company comes under one parent company BBK Electronics.

Now speaking about MI. They have concept of flash sale. They have created such a craze that it will make you eager to buy redmi phones through online sales. MI was selling phones exclusively through online website. So they saved money by not having MI phones to be sent to local stores. Just from few months it has began to do stuffs like creating a exclusive MI store and giving ads on TV and hoardings. MI also has launched new phone with an Actress in Ad Katrina Kaif. But MI flash sale concept is great. People eagerly wait for the specific day of sale. Even through now some concepts of chrome extension are made to get mobile in the sale otherwise you cannot simply buy Redmi phones. If a sale is supposed to start at 12pm then 12:05pm, the phones will be out of stock. In such situation people made business of it, buying all the phones with them and selling it with their markup price.

Talking about prices, Both Oppo and Vivo cannot beat MI. MI has budget phone named “Redmi 4A” which comes in price range of 6000/- Indian Rupee with feature of 4G Volte, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM.  So it’s a complete package satisfying all needs of Smartphone user. But oppo and Vivo are little bit high in price than MI phones.

Features like camera, MI low end phones can’t beat them. That’s why the tag line of both phones has word camera. Oppo  (camera phone) And Vivo (Camera and Music). Front camera and Rear camera of Vivo and Oppo are great in terms of capturing images in day as well as night.

MI has a powerful tool called “MIUI”. It’s has great set of animation, usability and simplicity. MI was before in market due to MIUI then they came into market of mobile phones. It is great to use, not much complication. Oppo and Vivo has also its UI OS but it’s not so famous as MIUI.

Nowadays some MI phones are available. Otherwise no MI phones were available at sites. It will only show next sale will be at this day at this time. You have to leave all your work and have to win the race. Then MI came with concept of preorder i.e you pay first and then you will get the mobile. That’s called demand. Thanks for reading this article. Let us know if any point is wrong or needs to be corrected. And please share such articles at unboxknowledge(at)gmail(dot)com and we will post to our blog with your name. Let make Unbox Knowledge, a centralized place where everyone can find solution to there queries. Please comment below if any suggestion or improvements.

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