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Today we all face a problem of deciding the truth behind every news because there is variety of news provided by different news channel. Often the same news shown one by one in different manner. And one cannot effort watching a news channel whole day. So something, a fixed time slot is needed in which all aspects of news of the respective day is covered, where we get motivated or feel as we are gaining knowledge out of it. So we have one news presentation named as DNA - Daily News & Analysis which comes on the channel Zee News from Monday to Friday at 9 pm. This show is currently hosted by Sudhir Chaudhary - a indian journalist who serves as chief editor in Zee News. Zee News is a Indian News Channel launched in 1999 and it is hindi News channel.

All important news that are trending in India, this show would you give you depth and purity of news from all except. It has one other concept of showing the incident happened on same day in the history. But the way of presenting such a news with having each depth and concept clear in front of people of India. Other than News, it opens the eyes of each Indian, that what we lacking behind than all of other countries. The facts of Growth of India in different fields despite of good or bad are represented with proofs.

We recommend all to take out time for these kind of shows. Talking about the show hosted on 31st January 2018. You can watch this specific episode on youtube. One important part was of comparison of India with Japan. Sudhir Chaudhary told truth that in India, we do not feel safe moving out in the India. Every day we got for the battle, we could not leave our children to go alone to the school, while in Japan, the children are mandatory to come to school alone. So this show, how much India has to progress. You can search this video on youtube or we would would youtube link here itself once it is available.

All video dna are available on youtube or official site of zee news.


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