Playing PUBG EvoGround TDM: Warehouse - Unbox Knowledge

Apart from most famous option
CLASSIC - Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and
ARCADE - Sniper Training, War, Quick Match, Mini-Zone,  PUBG has third option
EVOGROUND divided into two parts Team Deathmatch and Zombie Mode.

Team Deathmatch has one part
- TDM: Warehouse: In this game, two teams RED and BLUE each of 4 members play against each other in a small warehouse type place. The player respawn unlimited times. The team who scores 40 first or has the highest score if time ends before 40. But generally score 40 happens quit fast as place is very small. Unlimited weapons are given to the players. This is similar to counter strike map game. RED team has one area and BLUE team has the opposite one. Every respawn happens in there respective area. You get small fraction of second i.e 5s on your respawn known as invisible period, where bullet cannot lessen your life. This is because, the opponent team player may sit in your area and kill you as soon as you respawn. Life automatically increase, no option or need of medi kit in between of game. Great commentary in between the game such as "BLUE team is on firing streak" when members of BLUE TEAM are continuously killing the members of RED Team without being killed. "BE CAREFUL, YOU ARE LOSING THE GAME" on 35 points of opponent team.

There is option of combo shown at end of match in the scoreboard for each player. The combo may be 2, 3, ... 10, .... so one. 10 combo means a player has killed 10 player of opponent team with being self killed.

Not all guns are available. The available list are such as SCAR-L, AKM, KAR98k, AWM etc. In the latest update your are provide with a single grenade and stun grenade on every respawn. Your are self occupied with LEVEL-2 helmet. LEVEL-3 helmet and LEVEL-3 jacket is available in between areas of both team boxes. And a machine gun is available in the center of the area. Few in between containers are designed, so you can hide and take your position and fire at the opponent. Both areas have a store type at the begin, which is generally for KAR98k players to have direct headshot.

This mode is much loving among the pubg players. And we too love it playing, You must also try. They are also other modes of Zombie. In this game few players become zombie and they have to play against each irrespective if your team members. You become enemy of your own team. We will update this post with detail of zombie. And if you want to share on this, please add in the comments or want to write whole new blog, please contact us on


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