Laravel with Firebase

We present a whole new series of chapters for integrating Laravel with Firebase. Starting from basic, Laravel is a well know framework for PHP and Firebase is a NoSQL database developed by google providing its SDK for many platforms like android, ios etc. to have a realtime sync data all over multiple device. You can access this blog We will provide few glimpse of this blog here.

You can get the detail of laravel framework Now lets talk about Firebase. Firebase is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web apps - at global scale. Structure your data easily with collections and documents. Build hierarchies to store related data and easily retrieve the data you need using expressive queries. All queries scale with the size of your result set (note: not your data set), so your app is ready to scale from day one.

MySQL  >  Databases  > Tables >  Columns/Rows

Cloud Firestore  > Collections  >  Documents > ...

Now, above return is Cloud Firestore. Not to confuse here. It is one of type of Firebase. Firebase has two types of database, one is Realtime Database and another one is Cloud Firestore. Now again don't be confused with the name Realtime i.e this is the realtime database. Both are same but the Realtime is older one and Firestore is the new updated version. And we would also gonna use the Firestore as it is the future and google also recommends it for new projects. The Realtime database stores the data as one large tree in JSON while Firestore is collections of documents.

Now the main usage is SDK it provides for different platform. For Android, its easy to have the realtime updates across the devices. Our requirement stands for PHP. As you know PHP is server side language, so you cannot have the realtime data SDK. The web SDK is available for Javascript. You can use this where you have to show realtime data. Now let us know how we will implement this in PHP. So we have to use the admin SDK. Don't get confused, it just full access to the Firebase. You will become more clear once go through the chapters of Laravel with Firebase blog.

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